1. REQUESTING ESTIMATES AND QUOTES - Please send all job details and full name, address and phone number to my email at The next page on my website has an extensive list of pre priced services.

2. LOGISTICS - What do I need to do to get to you with everything that I need in supplies and tools. Zip code, parking proximity, floor jobs are on. Height of ceilings for fans and lights. Placement height on walls for art, mirrors, etc. Access by stairs or elevator. Jobs in attics and crawlspaces are usually declined. Jobs in commercial areas with street metered or public paid parking are usually declined.

3. JOB DETAILS AND DEADLINES - Type of building and year of construction. Pre mid 1970’s construction used asbestos and lead in certain applications. There are certain laws in place concerning these health issues. I can only estimate or quote jobs with what you give to me. If you are unable to define what the repair or service needs are, you can hire me to consult you on it. Product PDF’s are mandatory. 

4. PICTURES - An image speaks a thousand words. Some jobs do not need pics. All custom services require them. 

5. MEASUREMENTS – Any repair that involves material replacement needs to be carefully measured and identified for shopping. Doors, type, thickness. Square footage of walls to be painted, floors to be installed or refinished. Dry wall patch size and material thickness. Linear feet of baseboard, trims, etc. 

6. HOURLY RATES - Ground floor general handyman service starts at $35.00 per hour, with a two hour minimum, plus travel time and mileage charges from and back to my location in San Diego South County 91902. Travel time is billed at $35.00 per hour and mileage at $.57. Add 25% to the labor for second floor service and 50% for third floor service. Ground floor plumbing service starts at $75.00 per hour with a one hour minimum, plus travel time and mileage. If you are willing to help carry tool bags and supplies up to the higher floors we can discuss a discount on the labor rate.

7. PLUMBING JOBS - Pictures are mandatory of everything involved in the repair or installation. Sink replacements need to be identified as ceramic, porcelain steel or cast iron. Cabinet dimensions, height, width, depth and kick plate are mandatory. Jobs involving water supply services in sky rises are declined. Jobs involving water supply service in attached units are usually declined. Toilet repairs are unpredictable, fix one issue and another arises. All plumbing services are on an hourly basis only. I can estimate some service based on the average time for the repair. 

I try to do all negotiations through email. After we agree on the rates and terms of the service, I will call to verify the appointment and discuss any details not yet covered. I reserve the right to refuse service with no explanation given. I look forward to reviewing your service request. The following page lists the common jobs that I can do in a pre priced format, just add travel time and mileage and the floor surcharges to the price.