ANGLE STOPS/WATER SHUT OFF VALVES: $35.00 each, cabinet no less than 24 wide, no higher than 4 inch kick plate and no deeper than 24 inches. Some angle stops are not easily removable and need to be cut out, new pipe sweated in place, etc. That will double the price to $75.00 per stop. Plumbing service starts at $75.00 per hour ground floor jobs. The part (Valve) is between $10.00 to $12.00 each.

BASEBOARD - NEW INSTALLATION: $6.00 per foot, cut, install, paint, putty nail heads and caulk to the wall. Straight 90 degree cuts only, fancy angle cuts are quoted at a higher rate and will need to be seen first before quoting or estimating. 

Hourly rate starts at $75.00 per hour based upon the job details. Painting and wall touch ups are billed as separate jobs.

BASEBOARD/CASEMENT REPAIR - Dog damage - Quote or estimate at - $75.00 per hour.

BATH FAUCET: $75.00. Vanity no less than 24 inches wide, kick plate no higher than 4 inches high.

Depth no more than 21 inches deep. Angle stops need to be in good working order. Metal pop up assembly recommended as I do not guarantee the plastic part to work.

CABINET DOOR HARDWARE INSTALL/REPAIR: Hourly at $35.00/quote. I need pics and measurements of the hardware if I am to shop for it. I charge $35.00 per hour for my time shopping online and driving time.

CARPENTRY: Quote with your plans or by an hourly rate starting at $50.00 per hour. General repairs, trim, fascia, decks, trims, fencing, etc.

CAULKING: re - caulking tile backsplashes, tubs, toilets, etc. Hourly starts at $35.00 per hour. 

CEILING FAN: no higher than 8 feet, box in place, $75.00. Ceiling fan box install, $75.00

CLOSET ORGANIZER: starts at $75.00, price goes up based on the unit. Some units can take 4-5 hours or more. I suggest that you research install time from the manufacturer or online reviews first so we both know what we are looking at time wise. 


Fence post in concrete $100.00. Fence repair, or small new fencing jobs, by quote and hourly rate starting at $50.00 per hour.

Fence repair quote or hourly starting at $50.00 per hour.

Misc. Construction for small jobs starts at $35.00 per hour. Concrete repair starts at $50.00 per hour, or quote.

CONCRETE CRACK REPAIR/REFINISHING: Quote - hourly starting at $50.00 per hour.


DOGGY/KITTEH DOORS: start at $100.00 ground floor jobs. 

DOORS: Set up charge for all door installs, first door only, ground floor jobs, $35.00. Hollow Core up to 36 inches wide, start at $75.00 ground floor jobs, exceptions are if the door jam is out of plumb or square, that can double to triple the labor. Solid core doors start at $100.00 and require a helper and I work alone. Sometimes the customer helps.

DOORS : 2nd floor door install starts at $225.00, 3rd floor door install starts at $300.00. 2nd and 3rd floor door replacements require the transport of around 200 pounds of tools and supplies to the location. If you can help, then I can discount the higher floor rates.

DOOR - SLIDING GLASS: wheel service, clean and grease $75.00. Handle replacements are expensive jobs fyi.


One to two repairs up to 3 square feet total. Tape, mud and texture. $125.00, supplies included. Ground floor jobs. Repair size up to one square foot price $45.00, labor and materials included. Also billed at $35.00 per hour ground floor jobs, plus materials. Ceilings no higher than 8 feet. Painting can not be done same day as the repair.


Free online with the job description and exact details given to me. Please see the information provided on this document that explains what I need. I schedule all jobs through my email at I generally do not respond to voice mail or texts. 

Onsite consultations, estimates and quotes billed at $75.00 for up to two hours or so, plus travel time and mileage from and back to my location in 91902.

FLOORING/REPAIRS: starts at $75.00 per hour ground floor jobs, or quote. I am an unlicensed contractor so unable to quote most new install flooring jobs.

FURNITURE ASSEMBLY: I need the product link so I can verify assembly time and instructions. 

GARDENS/PLANTER BOXES: custom made red wood or cedar planters, raised beds, decorative growing ares, my plans or yours.

HOSE BIBS: $25.00 - $50.00 based on how it was installed.

INSURANCE: I do not carry any liability insurance. This is one reason my rates are lower than other services that are licensed, bonded and insured. Customer assumes all risk when hiring me. I do not take plumbing jobs dealing with water supply repairs on attached or sky rise buildings.

KITCHEN FAUCET: $100.00 Cabinet no deeper than 24 inches, no Water Filter Tank, angle stops need to be in good working order. Add ons soap dish $10.00. Removing drain lines, filter tanks or garbage disposer if needed for install access is billed hourly at $75.00 per hour. I need good quality pics of what is inside of the cabinet before I quote.

LABOR RATES: The national average for a handyman service is $77.00 per hour. Licensed, bonded and insured handyman services can be $150.00 per hour and up. There are services available on Craigslist for $10.00 as well. I carry many small parts and supplies on my truck and my starting rates of $35.00 per hour for general handyman and $75.00 per hour for general plumbing are very competitive. Journeyman Plumbing services are always at least $75.00 - $150.00 per hour, plus travel time and mileage charges.

LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION: Quote from your plans or estimate hourly. I can create a plan for you as well. Cactus/succulent rock - scapes, vegetable gardens, planters, fruit tree plantings, waterscapes, manual drip irrigation, shade houses, hot houses. I have not worked with timers or the anti siphon valves before. I will learn about them one day.

LIGHT SWITCH: $35.00 plus part. 

LIGHTS: Single fixture - Ceiling or wall, no higher than 8 feet - $75.00.

LIGHTS - CANNED: New. Hourly starting at $35.00 ground floor, or by quote for jobs under $500.00 labor and materials. A wall, or ceiling repair, of around $75.00 per opening, will be needed at each point the electrical wires cross a wall stud or joist.

LOGISTICS: Logistics information is what I need to know to determine what is needed to do to get to you with all of the correct tools and supplies. This aspect of any service business greatly affects the cost. I need zip code, parking proximity, floor of building or house jobs are on, access by stairs or elevator, security complex gate codes. Jobs with street parking in high density communities are usually passed on unless I can use your parking space. Jobs with paid, metered or public parking lots are usually passed on, with certain exceptions. I add travel time and mileage from and back to my location in 91902. $35.00 per hour travel time and $.57 per mile mileage.


Mirror/Art, ground level, no centering and no ladder needed, range from $5.00 -$50.00, with an average of around $25.00. Prices vary based on difficulty, style of fixture, mounting hardware, sometimes un foreseen conditions are present and we are not aware of. 

Centered installs can double the labor. I need to know what the walls are made from. Drywall, lath and plaster, cinder block all affect the install cost.

OUTLETS - GFCI: $35.00 plus part, ground floor jobs..


By quote, or Estimate. You, or I, need to test the paint for coverage first before knowing how many coats will cover and look good. $.40 per square foot, one coat, walls and ceilings no higher than 10 feet, one color on walls, ceilings and baseboard. Walls and ceilings with two colors is $.50 per square foot, Walls higher than 10 feet $.75 per square foot. Prep starts at $35.00 per hour. Baseboard with a separate color from the wall starts at $.75 per foot.

Doors, painting only one coat, range from $50.00 - $100.00 and up, prep billed hourly starting at $35.00 per hour. I need to know what kind of door it is. French doors cost more, can be $125.00 and up, per door, one coat.

Paint prep, wall, door jam restoration, any esthetic driven refinishing job is hourly only, starting at $35.00 per hour.

PAINTING TOUCH UPS/HOLES PATCHED: billed at $35.00 per hour only, ground and second floor jobs. Is the paint available? I do not guarantee paint store matches to be perfect. Paint needs to be tested for coverage before the job to determine the number of quotes needed to make it look good.

PLUMBING: Ground floor rates start at $75.00 per hour. I need pics of the inside of the cabinet, valves, angle stops, drain lines and the cabinet height (kick plate), width and depth. Make and model number of any faucet or item to be installed. Faucets need the metal pop up assembly. I do not guarantee the plastic parts to work.

PRESSURE REGULATOR VALVES: $75.00 threaded install only, no pipe cuts and sweating.

$150.00 if pipe needs cutting and sweating. Parts vary in price $60.00 and up. New parts are matched with existing for best install price.

All plumbing jobs not quoted start at $75.00 per hour. Any unusual, or unforeseen, issue that arises during a plumbing repair that is unrelated to the task at hand will be billed at the floor rate. Example, the pipe connected to the item being repaired crumbles and breaks.

REPAIRS - GENERAL: I have several hundred skill sets and am unable to list all that I can fix, just because your repair needs are not listed does not mean I can not provide the service. Feel free to ask.

ROOFING REPAIR: Single story, shingle and flat roof, tar flashing and seams. No Concrete roofing tile work provided, or second story jobs.

SHELVING: Free quote with your plans.

Prefab IKEA, or other, one shelf $35.00 - $50.00.

SHOWER VALVES: MOEN install $75.00. All other valves hourly at $75.00. Shower valve replacing of a valve body is an expensive job, $300.00 plus. If access is available through a non plumbing wall, it makes it a bit easier.

SHOWER TUB SPOUTS/TRIM KITS: $25.00 - $50.00, install only, shopping billed hourly at $35.00 per hour, plus mileage.

SHOWER SPRAY HEAD: $35.00, easy screw on install only

STUCCO REPAIR: Quote or hourly at $50.00 per hour.

TERMITE/WOOD DECAY/ROT/WATER DAMAGE REPAIR: $35.00 per hour until the extent of the damage can be determined, then I quote, or estimate, the rebuilding of the area.

TELEVISION - FLAT SCREEN - WALL MOUNT: up to 6 feet from floor, $100.00


Replace 4x4 ceramic tile $35.00. No grout sealing. Wall board needs to be intact.

Replace 12x12 ceramic tile and grout, $100.00. No grout sealing.

Replace 16x16 ceramic tile and grout, $150.00. If access is tight against a cabinet, that will increase labor expense. 

Re grout $2.00 per inch 1/8 inch grout $3.00 per inch 1/4 inch grout.

Seal grout $.07 per inch

Bull Nose counter tile repair $75.00.


New Installs start at $150.00 ground floor jobs, problems can arise that will add to the labor charge. If you can help carry the toilet up to the second or third floor and also some tools, I can discount the higher floor rates. I need the make and model of the toilet being installed. Some fancy toilets will be more.

TOILET REPAIR: These prices are for install only, parts shopping billed hourly only. Old toilets are unpredictable, fix one issue and another issue may arise. I only guarantee the issue that I was hired to fix, if another issue arises, your options are to hire me to fix it or pay me for what I have done and hire another service to continue on.

Angle Stops $35.00, compression style. 

Angle Stops $75.00, If they need to be cut out and sweated in place. Wall repair billed separately.

Fill tube $50.00

Flush tube $75.00

Handle repair $25.00

Mounting Ring repair $75.00 and up. 

Wax ring $50.00 

TOWEL BARS: $35.00, general wall placement, no centering. 

Towel bar centered $45.00

Toilet paper holder $15.00 

Hourly rate starts at $35.00 per hour ground floor jobs.

WINDOW SCREENS: Labor average is $25.00 per screen, plus screen kit around $15.00. They can be slightly more or less based on the size. Extra large screens can easily be over $50.00, needing spreader bars.

WINDOWS: Sealing/Caulking starts at $35.00 per hour/quote, no higher than 8 feet. Broken glass replacement single pane on wood style glazing only. Locks and latches repair - replace.

WIRING - NEW - ELECTRICAL: starts at $35.00 per hour, ground floor jobs.