Thanks for inquiring about my business, the I am an unlicensed and uninsured contractor and can only legally quote jobs that are under $500.00 labor and materials. I can how ever work hourly on most all jobs through estimates. My website has most of the common services that I provide in an alphabetical and pre priced format. I make all possible efforts before scheduling service to verify what the job entails. I provide free estimates, and quotes when I can, online only through my email, if I can get ALL of the correct information that I ask for. Exact descriptions of what the service entails are critical and to make sure that I can do the job legally and bring the required tools and supplies. General handyman service on ground floors start at $35.00 per hour with a two hour minimum. General electrical service for ground floor starts at $50.00 per hour with a 1 1/2 hour minimum. General plumbing service for ground floor jobs start at $75.00 per hour with a one hour minimum. For general handyman services at $35.00 per hour, add 25% for second floor service to $43.75 and 50% for third floor service $52.50. I also add travel time and mileage for all hourly services from and back to my location in 91902, South Bay, at $35.00 per hour and $.57 per mile. 

To receive a free estimate, or quote, answer ALL of the following questions and send the information to my email at

1. EXACT description of the service(s) needed. Vague descriptions are not helpful. I need specifics please.

2. DEADLINE for the service(s).


A: FULL NAME, ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER. Do you own or rent? I will not review any request for an estimate, quote or service without this verifiable information. Any service location that shows signs of people moving in or out needs to show proof of owner ship as in a mortgage payment receipt.

B: I will not do any plumbing service involving water supply lines, or valves, in any building shared by multiple owners. That means condos and apartment buildings. Any water supply issue in a private residence will be considered if a release of liability form is signed. 

C: I usually reject any job that offers parking more than 30 feet from the service location. Jobs with paid public and/or metered parking are usually rejected. That means all commercial areas.

D. Customer needs to be onsite during the service to advise and make decisions if issues arise.

E: Payment is required day of service. No credit cards accepted.

F: PICTURES of the BUILDING, house, condo, etc. from STREET VIEW to verify the service request as being legit.

G: I do not take any job which requires high ladder work over 13 feet.

H: I do not text or guarantee that I will respond to voice mail. All job negotiations are done through my email account.


A: House, condo, attached unit, apartment building, etc.

B: Wall construction, lath and plaster, dry wall, stucco, wood siding, etc.

5. LOGISTICS and PARKING: information as in floor(s) service(s) are on and how close can I park. I usually decline service with metered and paid public parking. Floor access by stairs or elevator?


A: All plumbing jobs. Angle stops, valves, supply lines, cabinets inside and from outside, toilets, hose bibs, etc.

B: Cabinet repairs and/or any repair inside of a cabinet. I need up close and also from a distance for a point of reference.

C: Any custom repair, as in surface damage to wood, walls, trims, fascia, stucco, decking, rails, etc.

D: Picture of the room that the service is in, close ups and back a distance for a point of reference.

7. PRODUCT PDF and/or description of materials and supplies used in the service.

8. MEASUREMENTS: Any repair that requires matching existing materials needs careful measuring for all estimates and quotes. Baseboards, trims, doors, piping, widths of openings for gates, height from ground to lights, window treatments, fans, roof lines for ladders. For painting and flooring I need the square feet of the wall and ceiling areas. 

9. I reserve the right to decline service with no explanation given. I look forward to reviewing your service request.